Artisinal method to natural meat products

We love what we do

Back to the days where we all knew the local butcher

Our working process

We have built a state of the art de-boning and meat aging facility on Guldenvrug farm




Every cut is personally curated to bring you the best restaurant-grade quality products

The journey of Guldenvrug Produce has been driven through the belief that we need to close the gap between the farmer and the consumer and focus on spending time to create and extraordinary product. A key focus at Guldenvrug is to bring back and apply the artisinal method to natural meat products that date back to the days where we all knew the local butcher, knew where the product was farmed and understood the farming practises that were followed.

At Guldenvrug we pride ourselves in partnering with quality farmers who produce breed-specific quality livestock and follow sustainable and responsible farming practices. Our beef is acquired through the Samic registered South African Angus Beef and Wagyu Beef protocols that strictly prohibit the use of any hormone and growth stimulants and provides transparency across the supply chain.

In the mass consumer driven production world the demand is often so high this often necessitates the processing time to be shortened. Curation of these natural products commences in our state of the art Dry Ager’s tm, combined with the necessary time and Guldenvrug care during the curation period to allow nature to do it’s part in assisting to deliver superior aged, natural quality products to our consumers. In the same discerning way that we consume and select a good wine we believe meat to be no different. Guldenvrug is uncompromising on the ‘time component’’ to unlock the value that the farmer has put into the raising the animal and delivering it in its best form to our consumers i.e Utilising our Dry Ager technology we pursue 3 key properties TASTE - TENDERNESS - TEXTURE.

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