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Club Steak

A Club steak is a cut of meat from the smaller front part of the short loin and contains half a rib bone. This piece of meat is rich in flavour and very tender. It is also known as a T-bone where the fillet has been removed.

Deboned Ribeye

The "eye muscle" or Rib eye is the pinnacle of flavour, texture and taste. A muscle structure that works hard but is protected by connective tissue. The ribeye is cut from the fore quarter just below the chuck. Four ribs maximum makes up the clean "eye" muscle of short rib. Ribeye steak is considered as one of the best steaks on the market.

Fillet Head

The fillet is a muscle cut from the hind quarter. The long fillet starts from the bottom of the rump and extends on the inside of the vertebrae. The muscle structure is in two parts, the body and the head. The body produces the traditional " Mignon" cut and the head is used for a Chateau Briand, perfect for roasting and grilling.

Prime Rib

A Prime rib is a classic cut of meat cut from the seven ribs, immediately before the loin. Prime Rib is an excellent steak cut for different purposes. It is incredibly flavourful, having fantastic marbling and is a prime beef option with just the right amount of fat to improve taste and texture.

Ribeye on Bone

Ribeye steak contains a piece of rib bone and is cut from the fore quarter. It is considered as one of the best meat cuts on the market. This piece of meat is full of flavour and very tasty.

Rump Steak

Rump steak needs no introduction. It is cut from the hind quarter, the last muscle structure before the "buttock". The rump consists of two muscle structures, the "Pichanha" or Rump cap and the Rump heart. The " Pichanha" is sometimes separated from the rump structure as it holds the last bastion of fat from the rump section. The Rump heart makes up 80% of the cut, thus cutting the two as one is the best way to serve and to enjoy as a classic South African favourite.

Sirloin Steak

Sirloin is a flavourful cut that’s versatile and juicy. It is cut from the hind quarter between the fore-rib and the rump, the same area where the T-bone and the top sirloin originates. It is great for grilling and roasting.

Sirloin Tomahawk Steak

A Tomahawk steak is an extended bone, club steak. The long bone is French trimmed, leaving an amazing presentation on the table plate.  It is also known as a caveman steak. It has a large amount of inner muscular fat which gives it loads of flavour when grilled.

T-Bone Steak

T-bone steak is cut from the hind quarter just in front of the rump. The cut holds two pieces of muscle (steaks). Sirloin is the largest piece with a cap of fat, and fillet the smallest piece with no fat cap. The two muscles are separated by a short extension of rib connected to the spinal column, creating the referred to T. This piece of steak is best grilled over an open flame but can also be seared in a cast iron skillet.